Cayman Growers offers both the largest selection AND lowest prices for trees, bushes, sod and plants in the Cayman Islands.
We are able to offer the prices that we do because we grow all of our greenery LOCALLY!! Locally grown plants offer much higher quality than imported plants because:
  1. Unlike their imported cousins, our plants do not spend day and weeks in hot shipping containers or transportation trucks traveling to the port.
  2. Our plants are completely acclimated to the Cayman environment - heat, humidity and ground conditions. This means that it is very, very rare for a Cayman Grower's plant or tree to die after you plant it on your property if you follow our instructions to encourage rooting.
Here is a comparison of typical prices of popular vegetation offered by other nurseries on island for exactly the same product as we offer.

Other Nurseries
Mango $100 $75
Lychee $95 $75
Avacado $95 $75
Royal Palm $425 $250
Christmas Palm $90 $60
Bismarkia Palm $115 $100
Coconut Palm $325 $250
Chinese Fan Palm $125 $120
Pigmy Date Palm $90 $60

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Compare for yourself and save when you shop at Cayman Growers!