Welcome to Cayman Growers

Cayman Growers is Cayman's only plant nursery, sod and tree farm.  Located the East End of Grand Cayman, Cayman Growers is situated about a mile off of the main road and very easy to find.  Spreading over 30 acres in part of an old quarry, Cayman Growers offers the largest selection of trees, potted plants and shrubs, and green sod perfect for you both commercial and residential customers to help beautify their landscaping existence the commercial tree farm.

We don't only offer the largest selection to choose from, but also the best prices on island as well!!

Cayman Growers has approximately 10,000 trees at any one time, all grown locally from seed. Coconuts trees, Royal and Christmas palms are incredibly popular as well as a wide variety of fruit trees, including mango, avocado, lychee and Barbados cherry.

The farms sod, suitable for tropical conditions is also popular and a much smarter way to go when putting in a lawn.  Once you factor in the cost of constant watering from seed, using sod not only costs you less but you also get a wonderful green lawn in a much shorter time. Cayman Growers grows sod on four acres of sod with a crop being harvested every five months.

We hope that our website helps you see that a visit to Cayman Growers in person is exactly what your landscaping...and your wallet need!